Recreation, Performance, and Prism

Learning while having fun has never been easier or more enjoyable than with Edmonton Rhythmics!

Recreational Program

Non-competitive programs that promote recreation and a love of movement

Our recreational programs provide a fun activity that combines creativity and musical expression with physical activity. The basic techniques of rhythmic movement are taught with an emphasis on group interaction.

  • No previous movement experience is required. Short movement combinations are performed to music with apparatus such as ribbons, hoops, balls and ropes.
  • Equipment costs are minimal—a black long sleeve legless leotard and either bare feet or gymnastics/ballet slippers.
  • All recreational gymnasts will have the opportunity to perform at our annual Winter Show, Rhythmic Gala in February, and Spring Show.

Performance Program

An event-ready approach to rhythmic gymnastics

Participants in the performance program will learn routine(s) choreographed specifically for shows/events. They will participate as teams in gymnaestrada style of "win the audience" fun and yet challenging events!

Programs are offered for children, teenagers and adults who are ready for more concentrated training in rhythmic gymnastics. Participants are chosen on the basis of previous movement and/or RG experience and coach's recommendation. After placement in a class, there is a three-week trial period. Times and fees vary with classes.

PRISM Program

Recognizing talent at every end of the spectrum

The PRISM program was developed by a group of Alberta Coaches. The program was designed so that recreational gymnast can be recognized for their accomplishments and to set personal goals for skill development.

The program is divided into 7 different colour coded levels: Rainbow, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet. Each colour level has from 23 - 44 skills. Gymnasts progress through the levels and earn a coloured pin when they have completed 90% of the skills in that level. As the pins are earned, they can be kept on a pin keeper ribbon.